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Mortgage Pre-Approval

Mortgage Pre-Approval
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Obtain the Best Rates & Lowest Closing Costs in South Florida

When you’re ready to purchase a home, it’s clearly important to negotiate from the strongest possible position. In a strong real estate market, it’s not uncommon for buyers in the Palm Beach or Broward County areas to have to compete for the home they want, which gives the seller the ability to be selective regarding which buyer they choose to negotiate with. It’s important, then, that you leverage your own advantages to ensure your offer is the one the Seller accepts.

The vast majority of Buyers put themselves at an overwhelming disadvantage by approaching the process entirely wrong.

If you take a look at the process from the Seller’s perspective, the point becomes clear. If you were selling your home and were faced with multiple offers, clearly you would favor the offer which had a Certificate showing Financing Approval over other offers which were Conditional on Financing. In the first case, there’s certainty that the buyer has the resources to buy. In the second case there’s not. Looked at this way, it’s difficult to understand why so many buyers fail to start looking for financing until after they’ve found a home. Regardless of whether most people will eventually be approved, the timing of having a Certificate of Financing Approval matters. Having this document when you make your offer gives the Seller permission to accept your offer immediately over others who don’t have this certain approval.

But there are cost advantages for you as a Buyer as well, because starting the process early means you can get a firm grasp on interest rate and closing costs and avoid putting yourself under any time constraints that may force you to overpay.

Getting a Loan Pre-Approved is easy.

To get started, simply complete the form on this page. The system will forward your information to a certified mortgage professional who can assist you in locating the absolute best mortgage rate and lowest closing costs possible.



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