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Top 3 Post Pandemic Survival Tips You Need to Know

Top 3 Post Pandemic Survival Tips You Need to Know

Top 3 Post Pandemic Survival Tips You Need to Know


Post Pandemic Survival Tips


These post-pandemic survival tips are going to be useful not only for the business people but for every individual who got affected by the pandemic. Work from home, activities at home like cooking, homeschooling, working out, and a lot more.  Ninety-nine percent of time staying home, social distancing, no handshake, now hello pecks, no out of the country or even inter-state vacation, and no parties. No matter which stage of life you are in this 2020 is really a new chapter to you and we must be aware of these post-pandemic survival tips. No Hollywood movie is able to describe our situation. The entire world is fighting with an unseen enemy. To make it worse, this invisible enemy may stay with your friends or your family members. You hope this is just a bad dream and everything will go back to normal when you wake up. Sorry to tell you that, but this is our real life. 

With the pandemic, employees worry about losing their jobs and worry about not being able to pay their rent. Business owners worry about not being able to weather the storm. Landlords worry about real estate crashes and losing money. The entire human being is scared of the Covid-19. The sky is falling but not for everyone. When there is fear, opportunities come. 

Pandemic Survival tip #1

Invest in yourself. 

In the event that you have been laid off and you don’t figure you can get rehired, you most likely don’t have the expertise that businesses are searching for. Odds are, you can possibly get paid by hours when you are physically there but not by your skills.

Everything occurs which is as it should be. This pandemic is attempting to wake us up and make us realize that we need to go out of our comfort zones and give us an opportunity to reconsider our future. While a great many people are sitting around idly viewing Netflix films, what if you invest time in yourself to learn a new skill during this downtime? This may enable you to find a better job which pays you for your skill, not by the number of hours you showed up. 

Don’t spend your time whining about the things that are out of your control and start focusing on those that are improvable. Be responsible and start investing in yourself.

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Pandemic Survival Tip #2

Be creative.

If you are a business owner struggling with your business, well, you are not alone. I think most business owners are struggling with not enough money to pay rent, mortgages, and other bills. 

The uplifting news is our government is striving to furnish private ventures with the subsidized lease, wages, and loans. This should help a lot of organizations temporarily. Be that as it may, coming out of the pandemic you are all alone once more. So as to get by after the pandemic you should be innovative. Individuals need to remain at home, avoid the group for at any rate another six to a year as an entrepreneur. We have to quit griping, grasp change, and adjust to the new world. Covid-19 would change human conduct from physical to online, from dine-n to delivery, from going to work to working from home. Issues never leave us the manner in which they discovered us. In the event that you are a yoga or an English instructor, you might want to consider educating on the web. In the event that you are an eatery proprietor consider taking online. Indeed, even doctors are into online appointments nowadays. At the point when many individuals are being laid off, that implies it is less expensive to work with meetings at extraordinary costs for the individuals who can prop business up.

If you are not being creative, you are out and someone will take your spot. When you see fears and complaints, those are clearly opportunities No. doubt this COVID-19 experience is a challenge but I also see opportunities at the same time. 


Pandemic Survival tip # 3 

Think and act like the rich 

When the world senses a great deal of turmoil and starts panicking, that’s when the rich calmly go out shopping. At the point when you are looking for bathroom tissue, the rich are looking for chances to purchase from the individuals who dread the market drop. Recession is a Black Friday for rich people.  Real Estate is the best possible long-term asset that anyone can own.  

The formula for the rich is simple: 

  1. Recession Comes Along
  2. People Are Scared
  3. Economy Contracts
  4. There is Little Demand 
  5. Dip In Prices Due To Worry 


A few people stress that the rich come in and get everything of significant worth as long-term Investments. The government is devaluing the money through inflation. Inflation counts as a result when new money is printed and floods the economy. For the past century, this has been the main strategy governments have taken in order to stabilize the economy. Just print more! 


Taking a look at the USA right now, the Fed wants to print 2.3 trillion dollars into the economy to avoid a financial collapse. To put 2.3 trillion dollars into perspective, there are only 1.75 trillion dollars in circulation. As of now with all the new money coming in. There is a high chance of hyperinflation and the devaluation of the dollar.  The rich see this coming and are looking to save guard their money to buy them from those who fear the market. The best time for the rich to leverage is when their interest rate is close to zero when cash is cheap, and when people fear. Think like the rich and follow that rhythm. So remember when people fear will complain opportunities come. This is time to thrive for success.  Troubles follow those who keep complaining sitting there and do nothing to change it.