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Veterans Recognition: Empowering Our Community

Veterans Recognition: Empowering Our Community

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From Forgotten Corner to Community Gem: The Power of Transformation

Small towns often hold hidden potential, waiting for the right spark to ignite positive change. In Canton, Missouri, that spark came in the form of an unused corner by the Mississippi River. This blog post tells the story of how this neglected space became a vibrant Veterans Memorial Park, a testament to the power of community collaboration.

A Grant Lights the Way

Thanks to a generous Placemaking Grant from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the Mark Twain Association of REALTORS® was able to breathe new life into the forgotten corner. This grant program empowers communities to revitalize underutilized spaces, and Canton stepped up to the challenge.

Collaboration is Key

The Mark Twain Association didn’t go it alone. They partnered with the city of Canton, the Canton Parks Board, the Canton Main Street Association, the American Legion, local contractors, volunteers, and donors. This collaborative approach ensured a project that truly reflected the needs and desires of the community.

Honoring Heroes, Creating a Gathering Place

honoring our veteran heroes

The transformed space, now known as Veterans Memorial Park, serves multiple purposes. A new granite memorial stone, flagpole, and bench seating provide a place to honor and remember veterans from all wars. The park also functions as a gathering space for school and historical events, fostering a sense of connection and community pride.

Positive Ripple Effects


The impact of the Veterans Memorial Park extends far beyond the initial project. The dedication ceremony, held on Veterans Day, brought together community members, local leaders, and media outlets. Media spotlight on park’s dedication highlighted REALTOR® community collaboration.

A Destination for All

The park’s convenient location near a major highway and shopping center makes it a popular stop for visitors. Locals also enjoy the space as a peaceful walking destination. The positive reception has motivated the city to further develop the area, with plans for a playground, additional cleanup, and potentially a shelter house for events.

A Catalyst for the Future

The Veterans Memorial Park serves as a powerful example of how one project can spark a chain reaction of positive change. It has fostered a spirit of community involvement and led to discussions about future collaborative projects between local REALTORS® and community leaders. The Mark Twain Association of REALTORS® is already actively pursuing another Placemaking Grant to continue the momentum.

This story is a reminder that even the smallest of spaces can hold immense potential. Forgotten corners can become community gems. Collaboration and grants unlock potential, enriching lives.