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Real Estate Contingency Contract

What is Real Estate Contingency Contract? A Real Estate Contingency Contract is a provision that makes the contract null and void due to certain conditions. It is essentially like an escape clause that can be used under defined circumstances. It’s also known as a condition. It’s normal for several contingencies to appear in most real […]

How To Calculate Piggyback Loan

  A piggyback loan, which is also referred to as a blended rate mortgage, is a combination of two mortgages. It involves taking out a second mortgage to amass a down payment over 20% of the value of the property as a means of removing the need to pay a private mortgage insurance lender. So […]

How Much Does PMI Cost?

How much does PMI cost? What do we need to know about Private Mortgage Insurance? How much does PMI cost? Who will PMI protect, the lender or the borrower? Let’s find out… If you put down less than 20% in cash, on your conventional mortgage loan. Chances are that you should plan to pay private […]